Why Use a Church Texting Service?

Do you need a more effective way to communicate with church members? Did you know you can send notifications to your whole congregation at a moment’s notice? You can by using a church texting service.

Texting is the most common way people communicate today. Approximately 47-68% of Americans from ages 18 to 49 text daily, which means a large part of your congregation could respond to a text message that you send.

Did you know that 98% of text messages have open rates in less than 90 seconds? Larger demographics prefer texting to phone calls or emails as it’s faster and easier. That alone is a reason you may want to consider subscribing to a church texting service.

Do you want your church members to know what’s going on over the next few months? What about online services? More churches are turning to text services as a way to communicate with their congregations. Adding a texting service to your budget may be an option for you.

What Is a Church Texting Service?

A church texting service is a type of communication service that helps churches connect with their congregations via mobile devices. Churches use texting services to send notifications about upcoming events, such as luncheons or family functions, Bible studies, rehearsals, service changes, and other important information.

How to Get Started With Your Texting Service

You sign up for the service and get set up with a local or toll-free phone number through your service provider. Church members who want to connect can send a keyword to a number that you give out, and then they can start receiving messages from you.

There is no obligation for members who don’t want to connect, but it will interest members who do.

Connecting With Your Congregation

Websites are great for attracting the general public to learn about your church, but how many church members will remember to check the website for new events or changes? Most likely, not as many as would if you had a texting service. They are busy working and taking care of their families. Make it easier for them to connect and stay up-to-date.

Sending an SMS or mass text is the most effective way to get the messages out. More members will see the messages and respond (or just show up). If you need members to pay attention to something specific on your website, send them a text letting them know. You can promote a sale in the book store, announce a new team member, or advertise a new charity fundraiser for your local community.

Use the church texting service to connect with your congregation about anything that happens at church. If you need to change a service time, texting will be the quickest way to communicate that to congregation members.

Church Events

What about upcoming events? Let your congregation know about the annual church picnic, including the day, time, and place of the event. If you need volunteers to help with setting up and cleaning up, that’s where texting will help.

Another event to make members aware of could be a fundraiser or volunteering opportunity. You will get a better, faster response and see an increase in participation. You can deliver messages about church camp or church garage sales, or you can announce upcoming classes.

Prayer Requests

Prayer in numbers is powerful. You can set up a prayer chain using text. Invite your congregation to share any prayer requests with church staff, so they can pray for those in need. You can also let a church member know you are praying for him or her. Perhaps you can follow up with that church member to see how he or she is doing.


Make sure worship team members know when to show up for rehearsal. Notify your worship team of the next rehearsal with your church texting service. If you need someone to fill in for an absent worship member or remind members of when to arrive for baptism service, send out a text.

Volunteer Requests

Suppose you have an opportunity to help package up food items for the food bank, and you need volunteers. What about a church clean-up day? Send a group message and ask for volunteers. Members can sign up via text or click on a link you provide in the text.

Tithes and Offerings

The paper check has taken a backseat to plastic. Only about 5% of churchgoers pay tithes, which means you have a great opportunity to increase those numbers with texting. Many factors cause people not to tithe as much, and inconvenience is one of them.

Tithing through text is a convenient way for church members to give. If you have a giving feature set up, members of the congregation can pay a tithe or offering through the church texting service. When church members donate, the money goes to the church through the text.

Other Uses

  • You can celebrate with your congregation through a birthday or anniversary mention or send a “Happy Birthday” to someone in the congregation. This is more likely ideal for smaller congregations who know each other.

  • Encourage church members to connect with each other. Small groups can use this as a way to communicate about activities.

  • Check on church members who are ill or absent to see how they are doing.

  • Send out encouraging messages or scriptures to everyone or offer some guidance during turbulent times.

  • Organize meetings with your staff or worship teams.

  • Invite visitors to the next service or a special function.

  • Send alerts about weather and cancellations or delays. Your congregation will appreciate the heads-up to keep them safe.

Stay Connected

There are many ways to use the church texting service. Church texting services are on the rise and are thriving. Engage your congregation with texting and plug them into what’s happening at your church. You'll be amazed with the response you get!

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