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What makes MojoTxt unique?

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Innovative features

With MojoTxt, sending messages and receiving donations is just the beginning. We're passionate about creating new and innovative ways for you to communicate and interact with people.
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Exclusive phone numbers

Most text messaging services force you to share a short code with thousands of other companies. With MojoTxt, you send and receive messages from a phone number dedicated to your organization.
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Unlimited keywords

We're not very fond of limits. We think you should be able to create an infinite number of subscription lists, donation funds, auto-responders, live polls and more –without paying an extra cent.
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Powerful texting tools for churches & nonprofits

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Subscription Lists

Send text or picture messages to any number of groups. Easily schedule messages to be sent at specific times or intervals.
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Receive one-time or repeating donations from anyone with a smartphone. Accept credit cards and low-cost ACH donations. 
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Have one-on-one conversations with people. Respond to messages from your desktop or phone web browser, or via email.
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Provide on-demand access to information and registration forms by sending text and links in response to a keyword.
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Live Polls

Engage your audience with real-time text voting. Display the live results on the big screen.
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Daily Programs

Create a daily devotional program – complete with scriptures, private journaling and videos.

Innovative features

Unlimited keywords
Create an unlimited number of keywords for subscription lists, donation funds, auto-responders, daily programs, and live polls.
Rollover messages
Message credits roll-over from month to month with no limit to the number you can accumulate.
Automatic follow-up messages
Create a sequence of messages to be sent to new subscribers at intervals you choose.
Scheduled messages
Write messages in advance – we'll send them on the date and time you specify.
MMS picture messages
Attach an image to any subscription list message. (Heads up: MMS messages use two credits each)
Payment processor choice
Get the best possible rates by choosing the payment processor that fits you best.
Emoji and special character support
Include emoji and international characters in your messages.
Link shortening & tracking
Attach a link to an outgoing message – We'll automatically shorten it and track who clicked it.
Repeating donations
Donors can set-up automatically recurring gifts to your organization.
Multiple phone numbers
Create additional MojoTxt numbers for different departments or campuses.
Voice call forwarding
Use the same number for talk and text by forwarding voice calls to your main phone number.
Easy list import
Easily import subscriber lists from spreadsheets in CSV format.
Export donations
Export donations to Church Community Builder, CSV spreadsheets, and more.
Zapier integration
Connect MojoTxt with social media accounts and other cloud-based applications.
Secure donations
Payment information is encrypted and stored by your payment service for full PCI compliance.
Customizable UI
Add your logo and color palette to the web pages your users see.
Multiple users
Add more users to your account, with full control over each person's access.
Developer API
Connect MojoTxt with your own application or website using our developer API.

Easy to use

Get started in minutes
Sign-up for a free trial, choose a phone number, and start using MojoTxt right away.
Incredibly easy to use
MojoTxt's simple and intuitive design makes it easy to manage your account online.
Works on any device
MojoTxt works great on smartphones and tablets for on-the-go management.
Always happy to help
Although we do our best to make MojoTxt simple and easy, we're always available via email to help out if you need it.
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Affordable pricing

All of our plans include all of our innovative tools & features.

Per Month
Recommended for groups with 100 or fewer people.
400 rollover credits
Unlimited keywords
2.3¢ for additional credits
Per Month
Recommended for groups with 100-250 participants.
1,000 rollover credits
Unlimited keywords
2¢ for additional credits
Per Month
Recommended for groups with up-to 600 participants.
2,600 rollover credits
Unlimited keywords
1.9¢ for additional credits
Per Month
Recommended for groups with up-to 1,200 participants.
5,000 rollover credits
Unlimited keywords
1.8¢ for additional credits

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Questions and answers

What are the fees to receive donations through MojoTxt?
Transaction fees will be charged by the payment service that you choose. MojoTxt doesn't charge any per-donation fees – you'll pay us only for the text messages used to complete each donation.
How do I know which plan to choose?
We created a calculator to help you choose the best plan for you. Keep in mind that your unused message credits automatically roll-over from month to month, and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
Can someone give me a call?
One of the primary ways we keep MojoTxt so affordable is by keeping all of our sales and support online. While we don't do phone calls, please know that we care deeply about your experience and look forward to helping you via email or online through the Help Center.
Can I use MojoTxt in my country?
MojoTxt is currently available everywhere in the United States. Sorry, but MojoTxt won't work in Canada or other countries at this time.
Are there any long-term commitments?
Oh heavens, no! You're free to cancel your account or change your plan at any time from our website. We'll even provide an automatic pro-rated refund if you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle.
What is a message credit?
A message credit is used each time you send a standard text message through your MojoTxt number. MMS picture messages cost two credits each to send, and one credit to receive.
What happens if I run out of message credits?
Not to worry – if you exceed your prepaid message credit balance, your account will stay active. We'll simply bill you for the overage at the end of your billing cycle at your plan's per-message rate.
Do you sell our data?
No way! We will never sell your data, or your subscribers' data, to anyone. Ever. Check out our privacy policy for all the details.

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Reviews from our customers

This is a must-have tool for a growing church. MojoTxt has given us the ability to engage with our congregation in a whole new way. I love how we've unified our people through the daily scriptures we are able to send out. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I even had a member call me to thank me for a particular daily text, he said "today's text was perfect timing, and just what I needed to read today." MojoTxt is helping our people grow Monday thru Saturday!
Justin Ross - Lead Pastor of Impact City Church in Pataskala, Ohio
I would recommend MojoTxt over any other text communication service out there... and we've used a lot of them! Texting is almost always the best way to get ahold of, and get responses from our staff and volunteers quickly. We are really excited to continue to find new and powerful ways to integrate MojoTxt in everything we do!
Nathan Pruzaniec - Design Director of New Life Church in Conway, AR
We began using MojoTxt in 2014 as a way to stay more connected with the people we serve at Relā. Prior to MojoTxt, our only means of feedback was in the form of paper response cards. This of course, was an arduous process of record keeping and follow up. Now we can capture responses from people in seconds and respond more quickly, thus serving our donors better!
Shannon Lee - Associate Director of Relā in Columbus, OH
I'm fairly certain I've never used a tool that has been as feature rich and as rewarding to use as MojoTxt. I lead a Kids ministry at a larger church in Central Wisconsin, and we started using it for a very, very narrow purpose (create a non-email central hub for volunteer communication regarding last minute schedule conflicts) and I've just been excitedly attempting to deploy new features... Thanks for what you're doing to support the mission and purpose of local churches!
Dave Bondeson - Pastor of Family Ministries of Woodlands Church, WI
MojoTxt has been a huge help to us to communicate important information from reminders, event details and last-minute cancellations. On top of that, text giving has been a catalyst for increased giving and generosity. Its critical to us to have MojoTxt so we can have a two-way connection to the piece of technology that people have on them almost all the time.
Dave Fladung - Community Pastor of Five14 Church in New Albany, OH