Tips To Use Text Messaging for Your Next Event

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Sharon Begley

Spreading the word about an upcoming event is crucial to the success of your event. According to common sense, it turns out that 100% percent of people who don't know about your event will not attend it. Who knew? 😆 But seriously, 76% of consumers were already receiving text messages from businesses (SnapDesk), using text messages to share the details of your impending event is a practical, efficient, and thanks to MojoTxt, affordable way to keep people in the loop.

Sharing Event Information

You can create a Subscription List for people wanting information and communication regarding your event. Having everyone's contact information in one convenient and secure place will allow you to communicate with participants before, during, and after the event.

Text participants before your event to:

  • Get more registrations by sending promotional materials.
  • Build anticipation and excitement by sending countdown images or GIFs.
  • Communicate helpful information about purchasing tickets or reserving a spot, include your event’s online registration link.
  • Coordinate your volunteers by adding them to a separate list.

During your event, you can:

  • Send out real-time event information and updates.
  • Empower generosity by accepting mobile donations.
  • Poll your audience in real-time using our Live Polls feature.

After your event, stay connected by using MojoTxt to:

  • Gather attendee feedback.
  • Let attendees know about future events or other opportunities to connect with your organization.

Event Info On-Demand

If you’d like to provide on-demand information about your event or registration, Auto-Responders are the way to go! With Auto-Responders, people can receive an automatic text message in response to a “keyword” that they send to your MojoTxt number. For example, if someone texts-in the keyword “camp”, you can respond with a message telling them about your upcoming youth camp, along with a link to the registration form. Auto-responders can really cut down the amount of time you spend manually responding to information requests.

Planning an event is a big (and fun!) responsibility, but keeping your attendees and volunteers in-the-know doesn’t have to be a stressful part of the process. Happy Connecting :)

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