Using Subscription Lists to Connect With People

Since people are more likely to open text messages than any other form of digital communication, connecting with people via text is just plain smart! With Subscription Lists from MojoTxt, a message to your audience is just a few quick steps away.

Subscription Lists consist of people that have opted-in to receive communication from your organization. The primary way people will join your list is by texting-in to your dedicated MojoTxt number. Once people have joined your list, your administrators can use MojoTxt to easily keep in touch with by sending quick text (SMS) or picture (MMS) messages. Having a ready-made list at your fingertips saves time and allows for quick communication to promote an event, let people know of a need or request, keep people connected with regular announcements, and even send out weekly sermon notes!

Subscription lists are built by people texting-in a keyword to your MojoTxt number. Keywords are unique words that you choose. Each list has one, and people simply text that word in to your MojoTxt number to opt-into your list. For example, if a parent wishes to receive communication regarding Student Ministry then the keyword STUDENT could be used to receive information and updates from the student ministry administrator. Since MojoTxt offers unlimited keywords, you can have multiple groups of people staying connected to your organization. Continuing with the example from above, a parent can receive updates from the student ministry while also being on the NOTES subscription lists to receive sermon notes every Sunday morning.  

Aside from people texting-in your list's keyword, you can also take advantage of our Signup Link feature to create a sharable link that people can use to join your subscription list. Simply include the link in your social media posts, website, and emails to make it super easy for people to opt-in to your text message subscription.  

Here's what's great about setting-up a Subscription List with MojoTxt:

  • Say it with a picture! We make it easy to share a photo or graphic alongside your message using MMS.
  • Have a lot to say? Our Instant Webpage feature lets you send a link to a long message, complete with images or even videos!
  • Set it and forget it! Schedule your messages in advance, and we'll send them at the date and time you request.
  • Want to follow-up with new people automatically? Easy! Just use our Automations feature to schedule a list of messages to be sent at specific intervals after a list is joined.
  • Delegation for the win! Add other users to your MojoTxt account, and grant them access to send messages to only the lists you want.
  • Need feedback from the people you're texting? Our Conversations feature allows people to reply directly to your subscription list messages without using your personal mobile number.

Studies show that 98% of text messages are opened (Source: The Daily Egg), and 90% are opened within 3 minutes of receipt (Source: Random Facts), making subscription lists a smart and practical way to stay connected with your staff, members, attendees, guests, and volunteers in a fast and reliable way. Happy connecting!

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