How to Gather First Time Guest Information by Text Message

Most churches are using a first time guest card or form to gather information about the new people in attendance. However, sometimes the “ask” of filling out a paper form with personal information while sitting in an unfamiliar environment (or asking for a completed form while juggling their kiddos in the church lobby) might not be the most people-forward way. Perhaps asking someone to send a quick text to your dedicated MojoTxt number may be better received.

To gather first time guest information over text message, you can create an Auto-Response Keyword, for example GUEST, which will direct guests to a digital version of your first-time visitor form. If you do not yet have a digital guest form, you can quickly create one in your church management software or in any online form builder, such as Google Forms. By clicking on the link to the form, your guest can provide their information at a time more convenient to them.

Here’s how to accomplish this with MojoTxt:

  1. Log into MojoTxt.
  2. Click Auto-Responders from the Tools menu.
  3. Press New Auto-Responder
  4. Type the Keyword (one word that will request the automatic response message and link). And enter your custom Response message. In the final box you will put the link for your First Time Guest Form.
  5. Finally, press Add Auto-Responder to activate and save your automatic response.

Once your guests have completed the form, you can follow-up with them throughout the week. As an added bonus, using a form provided by your church management system will also add them to your church database automatically!

Bingo! Texting is an incredibly easy and people-forward way to gather information from your new guests. Happy Connecting :)

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