Accepting Text-To-Give Donations

Generosity is an abstract thought. Different cultures, generations, and philosophies all have different pictures of what living a life of generosity is. With generosity coming in many forms: time, effort, thoughts, prayers, service, finances – it can be difficult to define exactly what it looks like. While all generosity is important and valuable to your organization, we’d like to take a look at the area of finances.

The great news is, there are a lot of generous people out there! According to Nonprofit Source, “about 10 million tithers in the US donate $50 billion yearly to churches & nonprofits.” The not-so-great-news is that, all too often people miss an opportunity to give because they don’t have an easily-accessible way to do so. With fewer and fewer people carrying cash and checkbooks, it’s more important than ever that organizations have an easy, electronic way to accept donations. Text-To-Give makes it easy for people to give to your organization, anytime, anywhere – without needing to install an app!

Text-to-give just makes sense.

It’s no secret that nearly everyone today owns a smartphone. Offering the option of giving on a familiar device could catalyze donations from people who don’t carry a checkbook and those who can’t be in attendance during your meeting, event, or service. Using MojoTxt’s donation features, your donors can designate a gift to a particular cause or fund by texting-in one simple keyword.

Easy for donors, easy for you.

For the donor, mobile giving begins by sending-in a text message containing a keyword sent to your MojoTxt phone number. Our system will walk them through a couple of short prompts to gather their payment information to complete the gift. Once the information is entered they will receive an automatic and customized thank you message. Their mobile donation is now complete.

For your organization, receiving mobile donations is just as simple! After you have created your free trial MojoTxt account, simply connect to a compatible payment service (Stripe, PaymentSpring, or BluePay), and set-up one or more donation keywords.

Exporting your online gifts into a CSV file or directly into Church Community Builder will save time from manually entering donations, while electronic fund transfers into your organization's bank account will eliminate the need for a trip to the bank – saving  valuable time.

Giving is just the beginning!

Receiving mobile donations is great, but your texting strategy doesn’t need to stop there. With MojoTxt, you can use the same dedicated phone number for both communication and mobile giving. Plus calls to your texting number can be forwarded directly to your office, giving your members a single phone number for all types of communication with your organization! Connecting with others is crucial to the success and well-being of everyone, and we’re happy to make your communication and donation processes simple and effective!

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